I have always been uncomfortable with overly romantic conversations about photography's relationship to light. It is true that photography is the medium of light. However, I feel this point is often overstated, resulting in a lack of conversation concerning photography's relationship to darkness. Darkness is often thought of in regards to the dark room where conventional photographs are processed and printed or the dark box that is the camera, but there is a much more important role that darkness plays within the realm of photography and the visual world as a whole.

I have been engaged in the practice of photography, in an exploration of absence. The very nature of photography speaks to what is not there. Moments that are documented slip away in time. The memories, which photographs may spark, are not present in the photograph but reside in our own minds. There is no light in photographs, just a range of values on a substrate. If darkness is the void of light, it is also the void of knowledge, of knowing.

Photography is a tool that we use to try and make sense of our perception of the world. What is present in a photograph is an opportunity to look and see in a way that is similar yet separate from our perception of the world. In photographs we see a clear connection to the past, and a connection to our own memories. They are tools for remembering. I make photographs to look and to see the world around me.